About Me (she/her)

I am a Transpersonal Psychotherapist passionate about guiding people into a more peaceful existence.
It was my own struggle that led me to counselling training. As a teenager I lost two people very close to me, my sister and my best friend. This resulted in many defence behaviours, unhealthy patterns as well as chronic anxiety and long bouts of depression.
I lived a very isolated and guarded existence for the best part of a decade, until I discovered meditation, yoga and then my own psychotherapy. The terrifying world I lived in, full of pain and suffering, slowly started shifting into a friendlier place, somewhere that felt safer and more colourful. Through this work I have been able to fulfil my dream of living by the sea in beautiful Cornwall where I am now able to enjoy my favourite things in life daily, including surfing, yoga, meditation and walking the stunning coastal paths.
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