Group Work - Sharing Circles

The idea of a sharing circle is to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for people to show up authentically and share vulnerably. More often than not, social conversations we find ourselves in, tend to focus on what we are doing, not how we are feeling. Therefore we are not allowing our true selves to be seen or heard. Often, we fear speaking our truth will lead to rejection or make us appear less than or not good enough in some way. This leads us to put on a front, also sometimes described as a mask, or a guard, which hides our vulnerable self from others in hope our ‘flaws’ won’t be seen.
But the truth is, what you perceive as your ‘flaws’, your vulnerability, your truth is the most beautiful thing you can allow someone the honour to bear witness of. In a sharing circle ALL of you is welcome, we would gently encourage you to bring down those walls, your guard, remove your mask and invite REAL human connection in, explore how it feels to be fully seen and heard within your struggles, your mess, and be accepted and supported in that place.
The emphasis will be on feelings and allowing you to be present with them, to be able to ground yourself in your body and give those emotions some space to be felt, all with the support of the group.
Participants are invited to share and speak freely within the group. We appreciate in some cases people may not feel comfortable to share straight away (or maybe not for a while), however even just witnessing others can be very powerful and healing. The way the sessions will be structured allows each person to be heard at least twice for a short opening and closing check in (should you feel comfortable doing this), with more dedicated time for longer shares throughout.
If this is something you feel curious about, please get in touch, we would be more than happy to provide any further info or chat through any questions you have.
Next Women’s Sharing Circle, April 2023 – venue TBC.
For further info and bookings email or visit
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