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These workshops hold a special place in my heart as they combine two of my passions in life – surfing and human behaviour! It really is a dream come true being able to be work with some awesome companies and clubs here in the UK offering workshops to their customers and members, and I’ve also been lucky enough to host some of these further afield in Sri-Lanka which was a wonderful experience.
Through my work as a surf coach I found that so much of what holds us back with our surfing is mental / emotional and that there never seemed to be enough time to properly chat about this in the water.
In these workshops I encourage open and vulnerable sharing which can include possible fears, struggles, mental barriers, but also celebrate the wins and help the group connect with their most positive moments, those that keep us coming back for more.

We cover topics like ‘the fear’, imposter syndrome, confusion about surf etiquette, the list goes on..! The session also helps identify specific areas that might be holding each individual back and steps to work towards overcoming these.
If you’re a surf school, club or offer retreats and think this could benefit your customers or members, please get in touch! Workshops available in person and online.


The format for these workshops can also be tailored to other sports or topics or anything your organisation or club might want to cover, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss offering a workshop to your employees or members and I’d be happy to arrange a chat.
As the focus within these workshops is being open and vulnerable, it’s a lovely opportunity for any group to deepen their connections with each other.
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